Thursday, August 17, 2023

I Confess my Love by William Wyllie

 I Confess My Love
                                               by William Wyllie

         You cast a spell you mesmerize.
                    Please let me look into your eyes.
         When I look at you I can't look away.
                    I want you close to me in every way.
        As a new day begins, you are on my mind.
                    I want you beside me all the time.
        In the middle of the day or the middle of the night.
                    I just need to hold you oh so tight.
        I love you so much that is a fact.
                    If you walk away baby, please come back.
        I confess my love,My beautiful one.
                    I will lay with you  when the day is done.
       You are such a beauty beyond compare.
                    Let me run my fingers through your hair.
       As the weather gets warm,We will go for a swim.
                    Sometimes I may just jump right in.
      The emotions you bring, you give me chills.
                    I love you now and I always Will.
      I say good morning,But for you it's night.
                   I know I will always want to hold you tight.


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