Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Our Love Will Last by William Wyllie

Our Love will Last
                                            by William, Wyllie
        The sun comes up the sun goes down.
                 But my sweet baby I want you always Around.
        When the day starts it's you I need.
                 Before the day is done let's plant a tree.
        It you my love that gets me going.
                It's you my baby, our love keeps growing.
       The weather is hot for a long time.
               But whatever the weather, oh please be mine.
       We will drink a glass of sweet champagne.
               We will dance and sing in the pouring rain.
      It's just a fact that I need your love, my dear.
               I'll whisper sweet love in your ear.
      I sip my morning coffee as the day begins.
              Because with you my darling I'll always win.
      I think of you as these words flow out.
              I am deeply in love, there is no doudt.
     I will shout my love until I make you mine.
              Our love will last throughout all time.

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