Thursday, August 17, 2023

Sweet Love by William Wyllie

  Sweet Love
                                                By William Wyllie

             You are my companion that is for sure.
                     If I am in pain you are the cure.
             When the sun is shinning, I will be by your side.
                     My love for you I will not hide.
             You are my joy, you are my delight.
                     When I am with you everything is alright.
             My sweet, sweet love, it's with you I belong.
                     My love for you will never be gone.
             Never thought I would be in love like this.
                     I feel so happy, you drive me out of my wits.
             We will dance and we will sing.
                     My sweet lady I need you here.
             I will whisper my love into your ear.
                     As the day begins I writer these words.
            My love for you will always be heard.

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