Thursday, August 17, 2023

We Fit like hand and glove by William Wyllie

We fit like hand and Glove
                                                                    by William Wyllie

              I am blessed by God, with your sweet love.
                     We fit together like hand and glove.
              My darling I love you, that is a fact.
                      I want your sweet love, and never look back.
              I must have told you, I love you a thousand times.
                     I will keep on telling you, until you are mine.
             Oh baby, oh baby, you make me tingle.
                     It is with you that I want to mingle.
             I will hold you close, sweet love you bring.
                   You are so Hot, you sexy thing.
            Such a beautiful lady with loving words.
                   I will shout my love, so you have heard.
           I long to hold you tight, my sweet babe.
                  We will swim in the pool, not too deep we wade.
           I will say goodnight, but I will never say goodbye.
                 we will meet at the beach, when the tide is high.

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