Monday, October 2, 2023

When You Walk in the Room - by Bill Wyllie (Oldies Poem with Song Titles)

 When You walk in the Room
                                                            William Wyllie

                  My darling "When You Walk in the Room"
      "I Only have Eyes for You".
      Because I want you to "Come A Little Bit Closer".
                "Don't Worry" about me because "I Got my Mojo Working".
      "I Need You" because "My Heart belongs to Only You"
               "I'm Coming Home" because "I Won't Last a day without You"
      I want to be "Close to You".
          We'll go to the beach and you can wear your "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"  We'll all sing "All You Need it Love".
               Let's go to "Surf City" we can "Ride the Wild Surf".
      Later we'll go to "Drag City" and we'll ride in my "Little Deuce Coupe"
              Please I want that "One Kiss for Old Times Sake"
     Tomorrow "Let's Spend the Night Together" because you know
     "I Can't Get no Satisfaction".
             I'll be "Jumpin' Jack Flash" after I taste your "Brown Sugar".
     As We say "Goodnight My Love"
            I want that "One Last Kiss".

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