Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Whisper My Love by Bill Wyllie

Whisper My Love
                                                            by William Wyllie

             My beautiful lady, you brighten my day.
                        I love you so much in every way.
            You bring the light of the morning sun.
                       And I will be with you when the day is done.
           My feeling's rise with the thought of you.
                      Be my love, my honey do.
           I have my morning coffee as I write these words.
                      It is only with you my love will be heard.
           I know I will love you until the day I die.
                     I know it is you I want by my side.
           I feel so happy it is you my sweet.
                     You make my life so complete.
           I am a hopeless romantic, a simple man.
                     If you want me to I will do a hand stand.
          Through summer, fall and the cold,cold winter.
                    Our love will grow and never splinter.
          As my morning begins I write words of Love.
                    For I have been blessed from heaven above.
         My words of love for you will never stop.
                   Until we climb to that mountain top.
         For if we get there,I need you near.
                   I will whisper my Love into your ear.


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