Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Like Hand in Grove by Bill Wyllie

     Like Hand in Grove.
                                                      By Bill Wyllie

            I will swim the deepest Ocean.
                   I would sail the sky so Blue.
           If it would bring my my darling,
                  So close and next to you.
           My love for you is real.
                  Please don't slip on that banana Peel.
           If I was in a baseball game my hun.
                  For you I would have a home run.
           If I was an oak tree so tall.
                  With you I sure will fall.
          Beside you is where I want to be.
                  You would make a blind man see.
          Together forever and a Day.
                  Beside you I will always Stay.
          It's that one day after forever that I will cherish.
                  Because I know Our Love Won't perrish.
          As I say Goodnight My Love.
                  Together like Hand in Love

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