Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dancing in the Moonlight

 Dancing in the Moonlight
                                                    by William Wyllie

     Dancing in the Moonlight.
                Dancing all around.
     It is with you that I will be Found.
               I dream of my sweet darling.
     Such a gorgous lady that you are.
               You bring me so much joy.
     You are my shinning Star.
               The lady that I love.
     The lady I need so bad.
               You will never make me sad.
     I will love you in the morning,
          when the sun is shinning bright.
    I will love you in the night time.
          When the moon shines it's light.
    But oh my darling it is you I adore.
          I will love you forever.
     In that sexy dress you wore.
          But whatever you do.
     My love just goes on.
          We will make sweet love.
     Till the black of night is gone.


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