Wednesday, November 15, 2023

You are the Melody I am the Words by Bill Wyllie

 You are the Melody,I Am the Words
                                                            by William Wyllie

         Life is a Song, together we belong.
                You are the melody I am the words.
         Together our love will be heard.
                We dance together, we swing and sway.
         I will love you now and the rest of my days.
               My words flow out, and swirl around the room.
        The melody from you will make a pretty tune.
               The violins will play.
        You and I will swing and sway.
               Let us share a beautiful kiss.
        Together we will have such bliss.
               The joy we create, brings us closer together.
        We will make the world much better.
               In this wild and crazy world.
        I have the prettiest Girl.
               I found my world of joy.
        I am a happy boy.
               You are such a beauty beyond compare.
        With your beautiful face and long black hair.
               You are the melody I am the Words.
        Together our love will always be heard.

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