Friday, November 24, 2023

Memories of Christmas Past by Bill Wyllie

    I have fond memories as a little kid.
          Growing up in the 1950's.
   I come from a large family,
         My older brother Bobby,My next older brother Arthur,
   My next older sister Susan,then me,
   then my younger sister Donna, my younger brother Phillip.
       Five of us in all, not to mention a still born sister Nancy Jean.
  My aunt Wanda and Uncle Edgar would come
  for a visit at Christmas also.Up from Connecticut,
  with their two children Debbie and David.
      So this was the gang we had at Christmas for years.
  plus my grandma Mary and grandpa Albert,
  would come on Christmas.
      I also remember many dogs in our house,
 Rusty a red setter,and Ralph the dog.
      Two great dogs we had for years.
 Presents would pile up around the tree,
        I remember Grandpa handing out quarter's to the kids.
 We kids loved getting money from him.
       Wraping paper would fly everywhere.Room full of paper.
 It was a wonderful time.
       We use to have some nice Thansgiving dinner's
 at my brother Arthur's house, when he lived in the area.
       Many Happy memories were made.It was a great time.
 I remember them, well.
       I was starting to get into photography slowly,
When digital came around I was hooked for good.
       We have lot's of photo's and slides to remember these times.
 Only three of us left nowadays.
      Me, my younger sister Donna and my older brother Arthur.
 We keep in contact on face book now.
      I still live in the Family house now.
 I have two good lady friends that keep me happy.
     Good times in my mind last forever.

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