Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The Beatles Poem -

My Darling I Love You,My Love is so True.
"Please, Please Me" forever and "Love Me Do".
To hold you close and make you mine.
My Sweetie I Love You, "I Feel Fine".
"I Don't want to Spoil the Party"
Your Love I Do Seek. I love you everyday "Eight Days a Week".
So "Honey' Don't" take me from heaven above.
Because my sweetheart "All You Need is Love".
I know "I'm a Loser" if your Love goes away.
Please don't ever tell me "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away".
If You ever left me, my heart it would melt.
It would be "A Hard Days Night" and I'd Holler "Help".
"I'm Happy Just to Dance With You" like "The Night Before".
We'll "Twist & Shout" till we both holler for More.
So Let's "Get Back" then we'll "Come Together".
Because it's "Something" in the way, our love is forever.
To a life that we'll know,Our Love is for Real.
We'll walk down "Penny Lane" to "Strawberry Fields".
Our love will last forever, Our Love it will stay.
"The Long and Winding Road" will take Us Away.


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