Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Cream and Sugar by Bill Wyllie

Cream and Sugar... You are my Sugar with Cream on top. We'll make sweet love and never stop. All through the day,and all through the night. We'll spread our wings and we'll take flight. You are my lady,You are the One. You Light up the night,Like the brightest Sun. You've Won My Heart,So Much I could Cry. When we get together, we sure will fly. From Franklin, Massachusetts, to Bejing China. We'll have a good life,and I won't be a winner. I won't have sorrow, Well sing like birds. I'll write love poems with beautiful words. Oh Darling My Love, This is my dream. You feel the same that's what it seems. From early morning till the dark of night. We'll fly through the sky, till the next morning light. My words just come from my deepest soul. We'll be like young kids, and never grow old. I want you beside me, through goodtimes and bad. We'll be so happy,and never be sad.

Happy Life by Bill Wyllie ..

HAPPY LIFE..... My Beautiful Lady I want a happy life. I want you beside me to be my wife. Even tho we have not met,I feel strong feelings. I think we'd be happy, I'd be reeling. When I think of what might be and a life with you. It fills me with joy. and it does with you to. I'd be a happy man with a lady like you. Sweet joy you bring. You make me so happy,My heart would just sing. I want to show you the music, that I love. We'll sing and dance, under the sky above. I want to learn your music, tho I may not understand things. The language does not matter, it's the feelings that it brings. A love like you it's hard to believe. Hope we succeed. We'll be together, and fill each others needs. I feel so happy, when I think of what we can be. You opened my eyes, A blind man can see. I See a new beginning, with us together from the start. We'll be happy from now on, from now on and won't part. So kiss me and hug me. Till the end of my time. I want you right here, you're so very kind.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

You Are the Best Bill Wyllie

You Are the Best........ My Beautiful Lady you are a dream. I love you more than life it seems. The feelings you give me,make me feel so good. My first look at you made me feel that I would. I see a georgous lady that I want so close. If I was bread I'd be burnt toast. I love you so,My love I won't hide. I have feelings deep inside. I feel so happy thinking of you. You are the best thing that is true. I sit on my bed, I have no woes. I'll rub your feet and your pretty toes. I'll give you my Love, you beautiful thing. Because y sweet, my heart just sings. The lovely lady that you are. Together we'll be,We'll travel so far. We'll travel East, We 'll travel West. But My sweet darling, you are the best.

I Send my Love by Bill Wyllie

I Send My Love..... I Send My Love from Across the world. I want you now to be my girl. To squeeze you tight,show you I care. Run my fingers through your beautiful black hair. I send my love from across the sea. I want you close beside me. I'm filled with love,with your sweet face. I want you beside me, right in this place. I send my love for as long as it takes. We'll wealk on land, or sea or lakes. I'll wait for you, Because I feel your emotions. The words you write, say that you have devotion. I send my love,because I want you near. My words of love,flow in your ear. Our feelings for each other,grow stronger with time. I want you now, oh please be mine. I send my love from today into tomorrow. I know my darling we'll never have sorrow. I say goodnight, but it won't be Goodbye. When we meet we'll fly to the sky.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Together, Never Apart ----

These Words flow out from my Heart. We must be together, Never Apart. My thoughts of you go on and on and on. To be beside you till the light of dawn. I'm filled with desire for your sweet kiss. Without your love I'd miss. My passion for you I have to control. Because my darling you have my soul. I need you here, close beside my side. My love for you I will not hide. If My life was a book,This would be the beginning. The Chapter's would go on,Till the end where I'd be winning. I think I've won your heart,If I see what we hold. Together we'll be, our story will be told. I feel such love for you My Honey. I'm a simple man with not much money. But money is not important,It's the love we share. Let me run my finger through your beautiful black hair. I'd be the happiest man in this whole world. If I held you in my arms, my hair would curl. Beautiful you are, beautiful you'll always be. Hold me in your arms,together our love you will see.

Monday, January 11, 2021

My Heart Wants to Sing ...

My Love you are the one. You bring the brightest sun. You Give me joy and love. You send me to heaven above. This Feeling deep down that you bring. My heart just wants to sing. To sing and shout to the world. That you make my hair curl. My beautiful Girl. The one to wrap my arms around. The Love that I have found. My Emotions,just rise up so high. I feel that I could fly. If I could fly I'd fly streight to your arms. Hug and kiss you,and see your womanly charms. Together we will always Be. Your my light so I can See. Your my hands so I can Feel. Our sweet Love, it is for real.

My Special Girl -------

God knows, I love you So. So Happy when we talk.Let's go for a nice long walk. With you I want to stay. Our Love will light the way. I'm in wonder of your sweet love. Thank You,Your my heaven from above. Never thought I'd find such a beauty. Beautiful lady and a cutie. These Words come from my heart. Together forever, Never apart. Can't wait to wrap my arms around your waist. We'll kiss, your lips I will taste. Such joy to me you bring. My heart just wants to sing. I'll sing and shout to the world. That you are my special girl.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

You Are My Only One by William Wyllie ........

You Are My Only One By William Wyllie --- You are my only one. You light up my night like the sun. Sweet Lady you are a babe. Together our love will be made. A beauty before my eyes. My love for you I'll never hide. I feel a yearning for you sweet love. We fit together like hand and glove. Never knew a beautiful woman as yourself. I want you all to myself. Our love will grow stronger each day. I'll love you all the way. In the Rain or under the Sun. You are my only one. You bring joy to this old guy. Together we'll touch the Sky. My beautiful dark haired girl. You set my heart in a whirl. Together We must Be. You opened my eyes to see. As I write these words I tingle. With you I'll always mingle. Happy I know I sure am. I'll do the best I can.