Saturday, February 24, 2024

Lady with the Long Black Hair by William Wyllie

 Lady with the long black Hair
                                                        by William Wyllie

    These deep feelings I feel inside.
        You bring me joy I can not hide.
    The emotions that feel so good.
        You opened my heart i knew you would.
    Lovely lady with the long black hair.
        I will follow you anywhere.
    You say I am a gentleman and that may be true.
       Dear in my heart I Love You.
    I love you now and until I die.
        With our sweet love we will touch the sky.
    My words of love will just go on.
         My love for you will never be gone.
    On this cold and snowy morning.
         I write these words as our love is dawning.
    My heart for you is filled with love.
         I know I found my heaven above.
    Such a beautiful lady that I have found.
         I  want you beside me always around.
    My darling I love you there is no denying.
         My loving words are oh so binding.
    Beautiful lady with the Long black hair.
         I will follow you here and everywhere.


Sunday, February 11, 2024

Can't Believe You Love Me by William Wyllie

       Can't Believe You Love Me
                                                       By William Wyllie
        I can't believe that you love me.
             But darling I sure know it is true.
        I feel sweet love inside.
            Because you know that I love you.
       So happy we will be.
            Heaven right here on earth.
       My love you sure will see.
            My beautiful lady it is you that I adore.
       For every minute that I'm with you.
           I will always want more.
       These feelings that you give me.
           Make me feel such love and joy.
       Just the thought of being beside you.
            Makes me scream "Oh Boy' Oh Boy".
       I may be called a poet.
            But it is your words that give me chills.
       I will love you now and forever.
            And I know I always will.