Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Our Love Will Just Fly by William Wyllie

Our Love Will Fly By William Wyllie...... I Gaze at your face,Each Morning when I wake. You make me so happy I shimmy and I Shake. Such Beauty before me, it's hard to believe. I want your sweet love,it's something I need. My love grows stronger with each passing day. When We are together, I will shout Hip Hurray. These words flow around inside of my head. I write them all down,As I lay in my Bed. The woman I want the Woman I need. We will get close together, and lay in the weeds. Sweet Love I have found, from So Far Away. I love you so much and rhyme them this way. As I write these words,Not sure what will come out. But when we are together,My Love I will Shout. On Top of a mountain, I shout out your name. It will echo and echo, till our names are the same. These crazy words, It Just shows my Passion. Our Love will never, go out of Fashion. So I will just say Goodnight.But I won't say Goodbye. Because when We are together,Our Love will just Fly.

Poem with Titles of songs by "The Zombies" included.

Zombies Poem By William Wyllie..... "I Remember When I Loved Her" That is so true. "I Want You Back Again" I Still Love You. But "She's Not There" whenever I Call. "You Make Me Feel So Good" It's You after All. I'm Here "Whenever You're Ready", I Will Not Leave. "I Love You" that's All. Togeher We'll Be. Never "Leave Me Be" You Are the Best. Our Love Will Past Any Test. My Friends say "Tell Her No". That's What They Say. I Love You Forever in Every Way. "If It Don't Work Out" that is just fine. It's the "Time of the Season", Please Be Mine. I do not care what my "Friends of Mine" say. A Life with You Come What May. So "Don't Cry For Me" you're "The Kind of Girl" I Need. "Nothing's Changed" Together we'll Be. Your Beauty just astounds, Don't ever be Gone. When I See Your Face. I'll "Imagine the Swan".

Sunday, January 16, 2022

My Beautiful Lady by William Wyllie

My Beautiful Lady By William Wyllie.... You make me laught, you make me cry. And I sit and wonder why. I want you here, I want you there. I want you Everywhere. In the dark, In the Light. Together We are Right. On My Mind all the time. Until I make you mine. So afraid that you will go. Because my darling I love you so. Please stay and be my Love. From God and Heaven above. My beautiful lady. Deep Love I Feel. Stronger each day, this love is real. I know for sure your love is true. As I read more of your letters,I Do Love You. These feelings deep inside, like fire that burns high. I know for sure our love will fly. This is like a dream that goes through my mind. But this is real, we'll be together in time.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

My Friends ... William Wyllie (Poem I put on facebook 5 years ago)

My Friends -- I Feel So Happy Today I Just Need To Say Spending Time with My Friends. Talking With them til Ten. When the clock hits Ten O Clock. It's time for me to start my walk. Walking Home I take pictures in the Park. I See the flag waving in the Breeze. I take photos and I am Pleased. Today is a beautiful day. I feel so happy today. I take picture as I walk home. I Feel happiness That I have not known. I hope my happiness does not end. I have such wonderful friends. My lady friends I do like the best. My Friends above all the rest. Photos of them I never have enough. They are both diamonds in the rough. Good Friends are the very best. My Friend outshine the rest.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Color Red ... By William Wyllie

The Color Red By William Wyllie... My Sweet Honey Love. From HeaveAbove. Oh Please Be Mine. You make the stars always shine. And in the dark of night. I'll kiss you and hold you tight. My Love you are the One. Without You there is no sun. You are the light in the night. Such a beauty in my sight. A Lovely Lady Before My Eyes. Please Don't tell me no lies. A Special Bond we share. Sweet Love without a Care. Together let's share our bliss. With a soft gentle kiss. This special joy that we have found. I Want you Always Around. When you wear the Color Red. Your Clothes I want to shed. Red in the Color I want to see you in. Together We will always Win.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Together We Are Two by William Wyllie...

Together, We are Two By William Wyllie.... My Love For you is Strong. My darling with you I belong. A beautiful sexy lady that I see. I want you beside me for Eternity. Vivacious is the only word that describes you. Together Forever, We are Two. Such beauty I do not deserve. With your beautiful sexy curves. My Passion just goes on. Your like hearing my favorite song. When I see you my heart sings. Sweet Love to me you bring. Be my lady, Be My Love. We fit together like hand and glove. Such beauty, brings me joy. I know for sure, youre not Coy. My darling My Love My Own. My Love for you I have shown.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Chills and Thrills by William Wyllie....

Chills and Thrills By William Wyllie.... You've started a fire inside my heart. We must be together and never apart. I want you close I want you near. I'll kiss your neck,and nuzzle your ear. This fire inside, it burns so strong. My lovely lady don't ever be gone. For if you leave I'll cry and weep. It's your sweet Love That I Seek. This cold,cold Winter, It gives be chills. It's your sweet love that gives me thrills. I want the thrills that you can give. Together We'll be happy, With You I'll Live. So come on baby,let's come together. We'll run around in rainy weather. The Beautiful Lady that I See. I Love you so much. Together We'll be. I write these words streight from my heart. You are just like a work of art. Our Love Will last, it will just go on. After we both are dead and gone. I want you here, right here and now. I'll say goodnight and take a bow.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Letter To My Love by William Wyllie.......

Letter To My Love by William Wyllie...... Oh Baby, You Make Me Want To Fly. With You By My Side. I Have Nothing To Hide. Sweet warm feelings I feel in my soul. It's you I want to have and to hold. Such a lovely lady before My eyes. Together We will fly. This Love That I feel. Hard to Believe that it is real. We talk and share our love for each other. I know that we Love One another. I Feel in my Heart. Together Never Apart. To gaze into your eyes. See the love there deep inside. I hope this feeling does not end. My Love to you,I will always Send. So darling together we will be. I Love you on bended knee.