Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Love Eternally by William Wyllie

Love Eternally By William Wyllie.... My beautiful lady,you must be mine. Our Love will live on till the end of time. Your beautiful body excites me so. I will love you always I'm sure you'll know. Our life together will be the best. When the evening comes, together we'll rest. I love you now, I will love you forever. Whatever you want, I won't say Never. Beautiful lady it's you I need. I will take your hand and I will lead. We will walk hand in hand. Right beside you I will stand. I hope we get together, I hope it's soon. We will walk together under a full moon. We will watch the sunset,together we'll be. Then the stars come out, Love Eternally.

Monday, August 8, 2022

You Are a Beautiful Flower by William Wyllie

You are a Beautiful Flower William Wyllie..... You are Like a Flower,who has bloomed into a beautiful woman before my eyes. But it does not take me by surprise. Because you were so beautiful when I first saw you. The lady you've become, your beauty shines through. Your beautiful eyes, your beautiful lips. It makes me want to do a double flip. But if I did that I'd be on my back for a week. And it would be you that I seek. Your beautiful black hair, that blows in the wind. Let's get together, because both of us will win. Right from my heart my words flow out. I'll sing you a song, and I'll scream and shout. I Love you, I Love you, there is no doubt. So my sweet darling I need you right here. I'll whisper my love into your ear. Our Love will bring us to the top of a mountain. and down below right into the Fountain. We will be soaken wet as we sit in the water. We'll splash around just like an otter.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

My Love I Send by William Wyllie

My love I send By William Wyllie....... My sweet darling come into my world. Share your love and be my girl. My love for you grows strong. With you is where I belong. You bring sweet warm feelings to this old man. Together in your arms I will stand. Beautiful lady you captured my heart. Hold me close and never depart. I feel so happy I want to dance and sing. Sweet joy to me you do bring. I know for me that you care. I love your long black hair. We will share our love and share our passion. You are my sweet attraction. Our hearts found love,from so far away. When we get together,our love will not stray. I will say goodnight, but this is not the end. My sweet darling my love I send.

Hot August Night By William Wyllie

Hot August Night by William Wyllie..... You Are my Heaven,that I have found. I want you here and always around. In the darkest night. I will hold you tight. In the light of day. I will give you shade. On a Hot August night. I will squeeze you tight. Together we will be,together we belong. Let's start our love and make it strong. I will hold you tight, through the long dark night. I will be like a tick. On your back I will stick. On this hot August day. By your side I will lay. We will play in the pool. And I will act like your fool. I'll give you my all. I'll catch you when you fall. With your long black hair. I'll show you I care. Please hold me so long. It's you that I belong. In our garden of Love,our love will grow. Because my darling I love you so. On this Hot August night. Our Love will take flight.