Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Hot August Night By William Wyllie

Hot August Night by William Wyllie..... You Are my Heaven,that I have found. I want you here and always around. In the darkest night. I will hold you tight. In the light of day. I will give you shade. On a Hot August night. I will squeeze you tight. Together we will be,together we belong. Let's start our love and make it strong. I will hold you tight, through the long dark night. I will be like a tick. On your back I will stick. On this hot August day. By your side I will lay. We will play in the pool. And I will act like your fool. I'll give you my all. I'll catch you when you fall. With your long black hair. I'll show you I care. Please hold me so long. It's you that I belong. In our garden of Love,our love will grow. Because my darling I love you so. On this Hot August night. Our Love will take flight.

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