Thursday, July 28, 2022

In The Light of Day by William Wyllie....

In the dark of night,in the light of day. I will love you now in every way. When you touch my skin with your soft smooth hands. I will feel a tingle deep inside,because I am your man. My love for you, grows stronger in time. I want you here, oh please be mine. In the dark of night, in the light of day. My love for you will never fade away. I hope you don't hurt me,I pray that you care. For if I lost you, it will be hard to bear. My tears would fill an ocean,when they start to fall. Because my darling I give you my all. But that's too hard to think about.It hurts me so. When we make love, it will curl your toes. Another love poem from my heart. They will make you happy.never be apart. In the light of day, In the dark of night. My sweet lady you are a beautiful sight.

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