Monday, August 8, 2022

You Are a Beautiful Flower by William Wyllie

You are a Beautiful Flower William Wyllie..... You are Like a Flower,who has bloomed into a beautiful woman before my eyes. But it does not take me by surprise. Because you were so beautiful when I first saw you. The lady you've become, your beauty shines through. Your beautiful eyes, your beautiful lips. It makes me want to do a double flip. But if I did that I'd be on my back for a week. And it would be you that I seek. Your beautiful black hair, that blows in the wind. Let's get together, because both of us will win. Right from my heart my words flow out. I'll sing you a song, and I'll scream and shout. I Love you, I Love you, there is no doubt. So my sweet darling I need you right here. I'll whisper my love into your ear. Our Love will bring us to the top of a mountain. and down below right into the Fountain. We will be soaken wet as we sit in the water. We'll splash around just like an otter.

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