Monday, December 25, 2023

A Little Love Poem (Never Apart)

By William Wyllie

      A brief talk on a little chat.
          It gives my joy it stirs me inside.
      I'll hold you so tight, my arms open wide.
          I never knew I would find such a lovely lady.
     You make me feel alive, my cute little baby.
          Feelings of passion as we say our love words.
     Warm feelings inside, I sing like a bird.
          I feel like a kid, tho I am old in years.
      Let's get together and have a few beers.
          Make that Champagne because it tastes so much better.

     We will eat some cheese, make that cheddar.
           This love that I feel, it makes me sing.
     Together with you is a beautiful thing.
            Let us hold each others hands and never let go.
     Then my darling our love will show.
           A little Love Poem that comes from my heart.

     Together we will be and never apart.


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