Saturday, August 12, 2023

I'll Hold you in my Arms by William Wyllie

(Note: I wrote this last night after a long chat with my lady. The words just flow out of me

for this special lady. She brings my such joy.)

                 I'll Hold You in my Arms
                                                       by William Wyllie

                             To Hold you in my arms.
           To taste your Luscious lips.
                             When that moment happens,
           I will do a double flip.
                            My darling you drive me crazy.
          My arms will hold you tight.
                            I'll hold you in my arms,
          And squeeze you with all my might.
                            Your beauty keeps on shinning.
          You fill me with such joy.
                            There is no one in this world.
          I know you are sure not coy.
                            You speak what's on your mind.
          You put me in a spin.
                             Together we will be.
          With you I will always win.
                              I will say goodnight my sweet.
          Until tomorrow night.
                              I will count the hours that go by.
          And then I will hold you tight.

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