Wednesday, April 20, 2022

How Much I Love You ... William Wyllie

How Much I Love You By William Wyllie...... My Sweet Darling, No Words can I write. To Describe How Much I Love You. Together Weare Right. My Feelings for you grow with each passing day. My Heart sings your name in every way. Never thought I would find a beauty so perfect as you. I'll never let you go.My Love is so true. Keep Me warm on a cold winters day. And I'll be so Happy. With you I will stay. So Hold Me Tight and don't let me Go. Because it is you, where Our Love Will Grow. These words of love that now I just write. I'll be a good boy and try not to bite. I know we belong, My heart tells me so. It's You that I want, and will not let go. I send my love to you and goodnight my sweet. Our Love Will grow Strong, You are such a treat.

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