Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Happy Birthday Wish

By William Wyllie....... The sun shines bright, on this beautiful day. It shines through the windows, I see the rays. I go for walk,with my cell phone I stroll. I take pics of the flowers, Do I have have a goal? Oatmeal and coffee today is my treat. The oatmeal is good the coffee so sweet. The days get warmer, as the sun rises up. I feel so happy, like a little pup. Like the little puppy, I want to jump and play. Because I feel Love in every way. The love of this woman has entered my heart. I want to be beside her,She's a work of art. Today is her birthday, So a Happy Birthday to you. I hope all your wishes come true. Like a beautiful painting or a beautiful red rose. She makes me feel happy, right down to my toes. But my mind wanders off, a life with you is a dream. A dream so beautiful, I'll burst at the seams. Happy Birthday to you on this glorious day. My Love won't go away.

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