Thursday, June 23, 2022

A Fish Tail

by William Wyllie..... I'm a Fish waiting to be hooked. I know if you catch me,My goose will be cooked. I'm waiting for that bait. I'll nibble here and there. I'm looking here and Everywhere. Until I saw you I knew I was alright. But now that I saw you, I'm twisted and tight. My mind has been taken over, by this gorgeous sight. The sight of this woman, make me feel alright. She has already hooked me,waiting to be reeled in. I Feel so happy, I know I will win. A life with her is a must. In God and Love I trust. I thank the lord for this beauty. She is such a cutte. I'm a flouder in the sea. A life with you I see. Together we will sail. This will be our fish tail.

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