Wednesday, June 15, 2022

I remember Sheila by William Wyllie

I Rembemer Sheila by William Wyllie......A Great Lady with a Heart of Gold. I remember Sheila, My story will be told. When I wanted to talk, accross the astreet I did Go. To talk to Sheila, a great lady that I know. Sheila's Answering Service, she ran from her home. She alsp played tape for the local TV Channel. From where she would not roam. Cable TV people would come and go at a fast pace. But above all a very happy place. Old tv shows she knew very well. Then the phone would sound out "Ring Ring Goes the Bell". Sometimes at Christmas I would decorate the tree. She loves all the decorations,that all of us could see. One time I told her, on a can I did step. She replyed "I'd have to run it over a few times", A funny lady the best. I write this poem for Sheila, My memories Go On. With the ring of the bell my thoughts Live on.

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