Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Straps of Leather by William Wyllie

.....Straps of Leather by William Wyllie....... I lay in my bed and dream of a life with you. I want you so much, You know it's true. I feel sweet love, I want you to be beside. My love is real, I Can Not Hide. When I think of you,I feel this love. I know that it's you from Heaven Above. It would be heaven on earth, if we were one. It's you I need. Our Love has come. I would junp for joy, My beautiful lady. I would be your man and I don't Mean Maybe. It's our sweet love that broght us together. Let me tie you down with straps of Leather. You and I together, we will conquor the world. If you would only be my sweet girl. I hope we can get together, no matter the coast. Because when I'm with you I won't Get Lost. We'll have a good life,Our Love we feel. Whatever you want, our love is real.

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