Thursday, June 23, 2022

Our Song

By William Wyllie..... If you are the melody I am the tune. I'll sing my song,and make you swoon. The words will flow like whipped cream. It will fill every crack and burst at the seams. I will express my love and rhyme my words. Your melody will flow, until it is heard. If you are the music, I am the words. A sweet tune will sound just like the birds. Like birds in the sky,Our love it will soar. It will be so beautiful I'll always want more. Violin's will play as our love grows strong. It will ebb and fade and never be gone. As our love continues Past the middle eight. The song will go on and just sound so great. As we get close to the end of this great tune. The music goes higher, it will make you swoon. The drums start to bang, the guitars will scream. But it will only be the beginning of our sweet dream

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