Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Only Woman by William Wyllie

By William Wyllie..... You are the only woman in my life. Together we will be and I promise not to bite. The only woman to sing my song. Together we belong. The only woman to share my passion. Our love will never go out of fashion. So happy I will be when we get together. I will love you now and forever. We will get soaken wet, when we walk in the rain. I will be right there to take away your pain. It's you I want, It's you that I belong. When We are together,Our Love will grw strong. I feel such love for you my lady. I want your love and I don't mean maybe. You drive my crazy with such desire. It may take hours to put out the fire. Or maybe the fire will grow stronger with time. I know that I will want you to be mine all mine.

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