Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Good Health My Love

I wrote this today at the Senior Center after hearing my dear lady was in the hospital. My tribute to her...................... 


Good Health My Love by William Wyllie 


I feel so sad, I feel so blue. 

       because my darling I don't Have You. 

I want you in sickness, I want you in health. 

       If I have you by my side. 

I would have the greatest wealth. 

       My darling I love you my words won't stop. 

They will keep me going.You spin me like a top. 

       I love you now, I love you forever. 

I will be by your side. I will leave you never. 

      When you are in the hospital I feel so sad. 

 I want you in good health, Only then I'll be glad. 

      If I was in China, I would be right beside. 

My Love is so strong, My arms open wide. 

       I will cheer you up,I will sing and dance. 

To have your love I would take that chance. 

      I will always Love You. The One I want. 

You are such a tease the way you taunt. 

      Your beautiful long hair, your beautiful lips. 

It makes me want to do double flips. 

       I send my prayer's to get you strong. 

You must be mine, that's where I belong. 

       I say goodnight but it will never be goodbye. 

Because when We are Together, the time will just fly. 

       So good health my Love,Together we will be. 

 Hand in hand we will walk, My Love you will see.

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