Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Forever Lovers by William Wyllie


                Forever Lovers
                                           By William Wyllie.......

        I Just sit and I Gaze.
               You set my Heart ablaze.
        You are the only one.
               Together We'll have Such Fun.
        You inspire these words of love.
               God blessed up from heaven above.
       My flame of love burns so high.
                Together wewill surely touch the sky.
       My woman, My Loverand my dear friend.
                 To you my love I will send.
       These words they just won't stop.
                 Until we climb to the mountain top.
       A new year has just begun.
                 Together we become one.
      I never thought I would find such a beauty.
                 I feel so happy,Ifeel it's my duty.
      As the snow flake outside fall right down.
                 You know with you that I will be found.
      I will sing,I will pray and yes I will dance.
                 With you my honey I will take that chance.
      I know with you that our love is the best.
                 Our love will stand any test.
      Together out love will just be.
                Forever Lovers you will see.

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