Sunday, May 10, 2020

I'll Always Love You

In the Morning when I get up, I usually have these words flowing through my head.
I have to sit down and write the words out. Today I had this melody in my head,
with some words. So I wrote these words to the melody I had.
(Note-When I first started writing poetry I use to think they were songs.) So Now I wrote a song. I recorded it on my Cell phone in the shower, Great echo in there. Anyway here are the words I came up with.

------ I'll Always Love You -------

      I'll Always Love You, I'll always Care for you.
You bring bright sunshine, when ever I see you.
     My lonely days are over. My Lonely days are Through.
Please be my love forever, My baby I love you.
      The beauty you possess  dear, The beauty that I see.
Is like the sparkling sunshine. When You Look at Me.
       You're on my mind throughout the day Love.
You're on my mind, it's true.
      Oh baby how I love You. Just want to be with you.
Just as the time goes past dear. My lonely days are Gone.
      I'll always love you sweetheart.My deep,deep loves goes on.
I'll say goodnight for now dear.A short goodnight from me.
      You bring the sunshine darling.
You've opened my eyes to see.


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