Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Leaves keep Falling

The Leaves keep falling by William Wyllie ----------------------------- The Leaves keep falling, and my heart keeps calling, For You. I Need you beside Me. Your Love Will Guide Me, To See. I See a Life, with you and me together. A Life so grand, a life Forever. My words of Love just flow right out. A Happy Smile, and I won't pout. My Tears will fall, and My love I will call, For You. For You I do most anthing. You make my heart just want to sing. The Leaves will Fall, and my tears will fall if I ever lost, you love. So Please my Honey. Make it bright and sunny. Then My tears won't fall. Because I will have your love, For All. My sweet darling, my love is true. Because you know, That I sure do, Want You.

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