Thursday, October 15, 2020

You are like a Rose by William Wyllie

You Are Like a Rose - By William Wyllie ------------------- You are Like a Rose,Let Me Hold your hand. By your side I will stand. A rose is soft and gentle and sweet. Like you my love you are a treat. The small of a woman,your beauty outshines. I want to hold you close, the ties that bind. My beautiful lady it's you I need. Let's get together,Love will make us sucseed. My love for you it is so very strong. I'll hold you close till the night is gone. The woman I see,The woman you are. You are like a bright and shinning star. You'll brighten my night with your day. I know in my heart I want to stay. I want a good life by your side. With you my love I'll never hide. I feel such joyplease give me a kiss. When our lips meet it'll be such bliss. I found my love after all this time. I'll never let you go, you'll always be mine. From my heart these words flow out. I love you so much, there is no doubt.

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