Sunday, October 4, 2020

Goodbye IKEA (Tribute to my Cat who passed away)

Goodbye Ikea ---------
Ikea my beautiful kitty, You are Gone it is a pity. You make me happy,when you play around. Who knows in the house where you'll be found. Salmon and tuna are your favorite dishes. They are a treat,they are your wishes. My sister Donna you seem to love. You want her to pat you with kid gloves. You like to put your face right up to hers. That's when we'll hear to start to purr. To get you angry is not a good thing. The claws come out, and boy they sting. But through it all I love you so much. You grabbed my heart,and you touched. For five years, you brought me joy. I'm just your plaything, I'm just your toy. You kept me company while I lived alone. I love you so much, and it has shown. You were a good mouse catcher, you caught four or five. I'm sure happy you were alive. Goodbye to you my favorite kitty. You left this life,it is a pity.

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