Tuesday, November 8, 2022

This Love For You by William Wyllie

                                 This Love For You

                                                                     William Wyllie

               I feel this love for you my honey.

                     You make my world bright and sunny.

              The thought of you brings me joy.

                      I'm like a kid, oh boy, oh boy!!

              This love for you it feels so right.

                      You bring the light to the darkest night.

               The woman I see makes me want to fly.

                      The love we have is worth a try.

                But I know our love win conquer the world.

                       If you would only be my girl.

                I should say my beautiful lady. 

                 Together we'll have fun and I don't mean maybe.

              You're my inspiration, you are my world.

                       Let's get together we'll dance and twirl.

               I have fallen for you after so long.

                       It is with you that I belong.

               These words flow out as they spin in my mind.

                       I want you now and for all time.

                This love I feel it Has to Be.

                       If I was blind you'd make me see.

                I say so long on this happy day.

                       My poems of love forever will stay.



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