Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Our Love will keep Growing by William Wyllie

                            Our Love Will Keep Growing

                                                                             By William Wyllie

                If I an in thedark or in the light.

                        It's you my love that makes me heart take flight.

               The Leaves keep falling, But it's you my heart keeps calling.

                        As the sun rises on this beautiful morn.

               It is with you that I belong.

                        Together my love our love will be good.

               I found this love, never thought I would.

                        But here I am, with my heart in my hand.

               I offer it to you my sweet honey.

                        You make my world bright and sunny.

               I am in love with you, it you that I yearn.

                        Love has found us in is our turn.

               You make me happy my love grows strong.

                        It is with you that I belong.

               To be beside for the rest of my life.

                        I will even make you my sweet wife.

                So come on darling, let's get this going.

                        I know our love for each other is growing.

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