Monday, December 26, 2022

My Christmas Gift

           Christmas Bells are Ringing.
                      I Thank the lord for you.
           I feel sweet love my darling.
                      My love for you is true.
           We will have lots of fun.
                     We'll sing in the morning sun.
           If I had to choose a gift.
                     It would be you that I'd be with.
           The joy that you would bring.
                     Because you make my heart sing.
           You are my gift of life.
                     Someday you will be my wife.
           Let the Christmas Bells ring on.
                     Your my gift on christmas morn.
           We will dance and sing in the new year.
                      My love from me you will hear.
           When those Hershey bells ring.
                      You will hear my heart sing.
           You are my joy in this world.
                      If only you'll be my girl.

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