Monday, December 26, 2022

Together We Are Two

                   My Love For you is Strong.
              My darling with you I belong.
                                          A beautiful sexy lady that I see.
              I want you beside me for Eternity.
                                          Vivacious is the only word that describes you.
              Together Forever, We are Two.
                                           Such beauty I do not deserve.
               With your beautiful sexy curves.
                                           My Passion just goes on.
                Your like hearing my favorite song.
                                            When I see you my heart sings.
                 Sweet Love to me you bring.
                                             Be my lady, Be My Love.
                 We fit together like hand and glove.
                                             Such beauty, brings me joy.
                  I know for sure, youre not Coy.
                                             My darling My Love My Own.
                  My Love for you I have shown.

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