Monday, June 24, 2024

Angel from Above by William Wyllie

    Angel from Above
                                                 by William Wyllie

       My Love, my love it is you I need.
           Let's have some fun, and plant a seed.
      We will plant some flowers or plant a tree.
           For the future children and the world to see.
     I love the flowers.
          I photograph them small or tall.
     In my own yard I capture them all.
          I am a photographer have been all of my life.
     Now I am a poet,
          And someday make my ladyfriend my wife.
     She inspires these words.
          That come from my Heart.
     I know when we are together, we'll never be apart.
          We do a short chat, and express our love.
     She is an Angel sent from above.
          My angel I love you I can not deny.
    I will run to your side with arms open wide.
          You give me such joy. You give me a thrill.
    You get me so dizzy,and I don't need a pill.
         I found my angel right here on earth.
   Like a glass of water you quench my thirst.
        My love will go on,it will never stop.
  Until we are together, when our love will just pop.

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