Wednesday, June 21, 2023

I Miss You by Bill Wyllie

 I Miss You
                                        by William Wyllie

         I Miss you everyday,Whenever you are away.
               I miss you in the night,you make me feel alright.
        I miss you when I'm cold,It's you I want to hold.
               I miss you when I'm hot,My friendship you have got.
       I miss you from afar,Classy lady that you are.
               I miss you in the summer,I miss you in the fall.
      If you ever want me around,I will answer when you call.
               Your wish is my command,Please let me hold your hand.
     If you were swimming in the sea,I hope you would swim up to me.
               Friendship love and devotion,You bring me deep emotions.
    Your love makes me feel so good.
             Want to be by your side if I could.
    The beautiful friendship we have together.
             To be near you in any weather.
    These words come from my heart.
             Good feelings I hope will not part.
    Our friendship, love on this earth.
            I feel so much love I just might burst.
   Warm and Happy do I feel.
           I can't believe this is all real.

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