Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Together We are One by Bill Wyllie

Together We are One
                                                                  by Bill Wyllie

             What I want in this life.
                      A simple question to ask.
             I know it's you, the sweet times will last.
                     Your love for me it is so strong.
             It is with you that I belong.
                     To share our love, it's you I need.
             A life with you just has to be.
                     Such a beautiful lady you bring me joy.
             I will treat you kind like a child's toy.
                     I bring you presents to show my love.
             God has sent you from heaven above.
                     I know I love you and you love me.
             If you ask me to I would climb a tree.
                     But not too high I'm afraid of heights.
             To be beside you I know is right.
                     My beautiful lady, the time has come.
             To be close beside you, because we are one.
                      Together in this world, the time is right.
             We will light up the world in the darkest night.

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