Wednesday, June 21, 2023

My Special One by Bill Wyllie

My Special One
                                                   By William Wyllie

      My Lady you are there is no doubt.
                I love you so much I will scream and shout.
      In the darkest days or the bright sunlight.
               Our love will go on because together we're Right.
     My beautiful lady I love you so.
               It's you that I simply need to know.
     I will love you now and through all time.
              I need to make you mine all mine.
     Here my love the time has come.
             I know you are the special one.
    The one that has entered my heart.
            Together forever, never apart.
    My other half,As they used to say.
            I know I will love you till my dying day.
    But until that time I will give you love.
           God has blessed us from heaven above.
   As I write these words you excite my soul.
          I am yours to have and to hold.
  I feel so happy, this warm feeling inside.
         I will show it to you I will not hide.
  I say goodbye or is it goodnight.
        I know I want to hold you tight.

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