Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Love of My Life by Bill Wyllie

 Love of My Life
                                                                by William Wyllie

          The Love of My Life, I have found at last.
                  We will be together, the Dye as been cast.
          This beautiful lady she loves me so,
                 When we are together, my love will show.
          A lovely chat we express our feelings.
                 Oh baby you set my heart a reeling.
         We will sing and Dance and have such fun.
                I know my darling you are the one.
         The one I want the one I need.
               If I get cut I know you will bleed.
         We feel each other's feelings this is for sure.
              I will bring my love right to your door.
         I will show my love I will ring your bell.
              My love for you I will surly tell.
         You bring me up when I am down.
              When I am with you I will never frown.
         When we are together we will paint the town.
             I will turn that frown upside down.

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