Wednesday, June 21, 2023

My Love Will be Heard by Bill Wyllie

My Love Will Be Heard
                                                             By Bill Wyllie

           Happy Days and Happy Nights.
                   It's you I need to hold me tight.
           My Words of Love from Me to you.
                  Come from my heart, my love is true.
           You're on my mind every second of the day.
                   Together with you is where I will stay.
           With you my love sweet love I found.
                    I want you near me and always around.
            I can't believe that you love me so much.
                    I want to reach my hand out and gently touch.
            Touch your face and your lips on mine.
                    Squeeze you tight, let's dance and dine.
            I pray to the lord someday we will meet.
                     It is your love that I seek.
            We will be so happy I know we will.
                     It may be a bumpy ride,but will be a big thrill.
             Beautiful lady from a far off land.
                     I take your love and put a ring on your hand.
             Your lovely letters with those lovely words.
                     My love for you will be heard.

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