Monday, February 22, 2021

Season's Change - Bill Wyllie

Season's Change...... As the Winter Months Go on and On. My Love for you will never be gone. As the wind and rain and snow heep falling. I can hear your voice it keeps on calling. Your sweet, sweet love, it fills my heart. Together we'll be, never aprt. When we meet our feelings will bvwecome one. We'll lay on the beach in the warm summer sun. I want you close I want you near. My soft voice you will hear. You'll hear me singing "I Love You My Sweet". You are a delight, you are a treat. When the Mountains are Flat,I'll be right there. When the river's dry up, My Love I'll share. When it thunders in Winter, You hear me call. When it snows in summer,I'll give you my all. When the Earth and Sky Merge, You'll hear my voice. I'll be beside you, you are my choice. When the winter fades into spring,You'll hear me shout. You'll hear me Sing. We'll dance and sing in the summer sun. Then my darling, we will become One.

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