Monday, February 22, 2021

My Love - Bill Wyllie

My Love..... I Read the Loving Words in your Letters you Send. They Make Me So Happy, My Love just won't end. My Love grows stronger, the more I read your feelings. You set me on fire. At your feet I'll be kneeling. Your beauty astounds me.The Lovely Lady you Are. Together We'll Be.Together We'll Go Far. I want to play pool,I want to sing and dance. To Be so Close.You put me in a trance. The More I read your letters,the more i"m In Love. We Fit nice together, like hand in glove. My darling I Love You,No Words Can Describe. I'll show you I Care,My words I won't hide. Never thought I'd feel such Passion Inside. I'll hold you forever,My arms open wide.

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