Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Beautiful Lady .. By Bill Wyllie

Beautiful Lady..... Beautiful Lady that I See. You are So Good, You care for me. Together We'll be,Our Future will come. You com from the land of the Rising Sun. We'll be so Happy, we share our feelings. On bended knee I will be kneeling. Stay together, with you by my side. My love for you I will not hide. Our love will grow, We'll planet a seed. In a beautiful garden, They'll be no weeds. You brought sweet love, it feels so good. I'll hold you close. i knew I Would. I dream of my Lady,So sweet and so fine. You age so well like a bottle of wine. Like wine you make me feel the joy's in this life. Perhaps someday you will be my wife. We'll get to kn ow each other, But already I care. You feel the same, out love we will share.

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