Wednesday, February 3, 2021

My Love Grows with Each Passing Day.....

My Love Grows with Each Passing Day by Bill Wyllie.... I open your letters.Sweet words That I read. My beautiful Lady, it's you that I need. We will climb a mountain, we'll swim in the sea. As long as you are close to me. I've always loved flowers, planets around my house. We'll wear nice clothes, with flowers on your blouse. My grandmother had a garden with big Sun Flowers. Water barrel outside the back door.Rain filled it up, for hours. My beautiful darling it's you I adore. We will walk hand in hand, Love yoiu more and more. My love grows with each passing day. I love you so much. My love it will stay. My feelings for you, grow so strong. I know in my heart, they'll never be gone. The day will come. When Our Love We will share. Our love will be complete,Our love will be there. Util you came along, I did the best that I Can. With your love, I'm a happy, happy man. Your beautiful words touch me so deep. When I think what we have, I'll cry and I'll weep. But I better put myself together. I have to be strong. Our Love will be a strong bond.

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