Saturday, August 14, 2021

You Are Like a Song

You are Like a Song - by William Wyllie...... I'll Love you in the Day, I'll love you at Night. But Whatever I do you're a beautiful Site. Without a Doubt. With you I'll never pout. My Heart is filled with Bliss. Please Give me a delightful kiss. My Thoughts of you go On. You're like a beautiful Song. Many songs in my life last forever. Your song in my heart will leave me Never. Never will your song go away. You are the song that will stay. Beautiful Lady you bring me such Emotion. To You I give my Devotion. In this crazy world you are an attraction. Come on and show me your satisfaction. Quiet Days and Quiet Nights. You sure are my delight. I want to sing I want to dance. You put me in a trance. They say that Life is a Song. You're the One Song that can't go wrong. You're the Melody, I'm the words to the Song. Together our Love will go on and on.

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