Saturday, August 14, 2021

This Dark and Stormy Night

This Dark and Stormy Night..... My beautiful Lady,the beauty you are. You are my bright and shinning star. I long to be close by your side. I'm waiting for you with my arms open wide. I feel these words,come from my heart. You are so lovely,please don't part. For if you leave, I would cry and weep. Because my darling,your love I seek. Never thought I'd feel these emotions, inside. They feel so strong,I will not hide. I would dance and sing, if you came to me. But if you do my love you will see. I would hold you close if you were here. I want you beside me.So very near. We write our letters,We show Our Love. I'm just so happy, my Lovey Dove. I know your feelings are as as strong as mine. So never leave and let's drink some wine. Let's drink some champagne, and who knows what. But before We Do,the door I will shut. I want to hold you tight. On this dark and stormy night.

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