Saturday, August 14, 2021

This Feeling of Love

This Feeling of Love By William Wyllie One Look at you no words are spoken. Here are my arms, they are wide open. We Come from different words. But Our Words Will be Heard. The Feeling of Love, The Look in Your Eyes. When I Am with you, My Love I won't Hide. There's Something About You.Not Sure What it is. I'm Happy I Found You,I'm Like a little Kid. My feelings are strong, I can not deny. they Will not go Away,They still touch the Sky. It's the middle of the night, where I am Right Now. But it's the middle of the day,in your world and how. We come from a world that brought us together. By Speaking some words, Our love is forever. I want to hold you so tight and not let you go. This feeling of Love,has taken a strong hold. If ever we meet,I'll squeeze you tight, until I Cry. When We are together, Out love it will fly. It's tears of joy and not tears of pain. I'll hold you so tight, again and Again. As I read you letter, your love for me I feel. It brings me sweet joy, deep emotions are real. Baby oh baby, my passion grows strong. Deep inside it burns, Our love can't be wrong. Sometimes the flame of Love, inside me dies down. When we are together, Our Love will astound.

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